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About Me

My name is Rachel Reves and I live in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in California. I am a lover of nature, traveling and exploring this beautiful world.

My healing journey began in my early 20's when i was trying to figure out the root cause of my extreme fatigue, digestive and skin issues. As a person who grew up in the midewest, I consumed wheat my entire life. That being said, it took me a while to understand the root cause of my physical symptoms... Gluten intolerance. When I finally understood that I had a gluten intolerance, I was able to change my diet and thus embarking on my long healing journey. It took about 3 years to bring my body back into balance after consuming an allergen my entire life. I am so glad I decided to investigate my symptoms, because I was living in serious discomfort and physical dis-ease my entire life! Fast-forward to today, and all of those symptoms have vanished, and I am healthier than ever. It was not an easy journey, nor was it comfortable, but it was absolutely worth it.

I spent my early 20's traveling to other countries as much as I could. Those experiences gave me different perspectives and insight into other cultures and how they utilize plant medicines for healing. I was largely inspired to become a Holistic Health practitioner because of these experiences, as well as my own health issues. I believe in the bodys ability to heal itself, sometimes we just need some acceptance, assistance and knowledge to support the process.


 I’m a dedicated Student and Practitioner of holistic medicine and have been involved in this field since 2010. I began my Holistic Health Career in 2014 when I decided to go to school at the American College of Healthcare Sciences and get an Associates degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine. Since graduating from ACHS, I have become a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and have continued my education to become a Nutritionist and Herbalist. 

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For more information about Coalesce Holistic Health and Wellness - my modalities, programs, and more, don’t hesitate to contact me!